Freerange or Organic Eggs?

What is the difference?

The only noticeable difference you will find is in the shell quality and the yolk. The egg shell is harder due to no GMs and chemicals in the hens diet and no fertilisers or weed killers in the environment. The yolk is naturally paler than our rich freerange yolk that we are accustomed to.

Here at Conrick we have Free range and Organic birds giving our customers the choice. We keep our flocks to the highest welfare standards in Scotland which has the highest standard across the UK.

Hens Freeranging in Scottish woodland.


All our flocks have access to woodlands and in addition trees planted in the ranges which bring many benefits to the hens and our environment. 

Fresh is Best when it comes to Conrick Eggs.

Organic | Freerange | Woodland Eggs

from Dumfries & Galloway.

We meet all the following standards for our hens.