Goat Soap

We have some history with goats in our family, Alan & Earla Smiths very first farm animals were two kids given to them by a neigbour.

In 2019 we brought four milking British Toggenburg  goats back to Conrick to supply our home with milk after selling our dairy cows. This gave us enough milk to make yogurt  and dabble in cheese for our whole family with some to spare.

We have been  learning as we go and making soap from goats milk was always something I wanted to try.  I knew from my first goat more that 25 years ago about the benefits that came from drinking and even using goats milk on your skin.  My very first goat almost traveled home in the car with us from the Royal Highland show as Papa Smith and I were so keen to have a milking goat. Just as well we had others with us who had more sense than us when it came to animals, the goat was picked up a week later.

Having a bar of our goats milk soap should give you the benefit of goats milk without the  craziness that goes with keeping goats. 

So after much research I plucked up the courage and started making  our very own cold process  soap. 

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Gillian Kerr Foster

I’ve been thankful to have the privilege to try these. Since I’ve started using this my hands have never been as soft as they are now. At this time of year with cold weather I normally need extra hand cream. Now I don’t need any

I would never have normally bought a bar of soap but I really love this.

Would highly recommend

I have had the opportunity to try this soap and would highly recommend. It leaves your skin feeling super soft and smooth and smells amazing.

Your soap smells amazing!! We all love using it and its gentle on the skin too. xx

Emma Lind

Sarah Townend